Cambodia Mission Team: Extracting and Repairing the Decay

Sunday, September 6, 2015 South Tampa Fellowship missions and Kelly Green Global ministries partner with Mission Smiles, International (MSI) and it’s such a privilege to do our first international mission partnership with dental missions in Phnom Penh together.

With the third clinic behind us we look at all God has put before us…and stand in awe of what He has chosen to do, with and through, simple, Americans who happen to work in the dental profession. Mission Smiles International was eager to bring dental skills that could be a gift to the health and well being of people in Phnom Penh.


Teeth, universally serve the same function, no matter what part of the world you live in. We look in mouths and see teeth that are worn, decayed, out of place and infected. We see other mouths with teeth that are well cared for, clean, beautifully positioned-serving their purpose, and creating pleasant expressions through smiles. The spiritual analogy is obvious – Sin is universally the same. It creates decay, infection, malfunction. The redemption of Christ is universally offered to clean out, restore and provide freedom from the infection of sin.

SI extracts a tooth, Jesus extracts our guilt. MSI stitches gaping holes where extractions have taken place to protect and assist the healing process. Jesus stitches our gaping holes (sin, dispart, loss) with grace and mercy as we submit to His healing process. We praise God for the opportunity to serve Him and bless the people in this part of Cambodia with dental care and the message of Christ. Jesus is the only one who can extract our sins and restore our spirits eternally.


Today I saw a face I will never forget.  I met woman infected with HIV.  Her name was Scovia and she had been abandoned by her family, her kids taken from her, alone and left for dead.  As she was lost and alone God called her to make her way to the local church.  She was so sick and frail that it took her 8 hours to laboriously walk the half mile to church…but she made it.  And she heard the good news of the gospel!

Fast forward to 2 years later…as I sat on the floor of Scovia’s mud hut with her, along with Pastor Kelly and a translator in a village unlike anything I have even seen, she shared her impactful story. Pastor Kelly asked her this question, “How have you overcome, what has set you free?”  She responded in a sweet, small voice in her native tongue, “My personal relationship with Jesus.”  So simple, so authentic.  Then she did something I have never seen: she eagerly broke into song to express her heart in the purest way she knew how.  Fighting back tears, she sang in a language even the translator did not know, so we just sat there listening, watching and understanding not the words she was saying, but the message she was conveying. We knew that Jesus had changed her heart.  She didn’t have to say it, she didn’t even have to sing it; we saw it in her in face.  A face that was worn but free. Heavy but without burden.  A face that should have seen the same hut I saw and felt hopeless, but a face that couldn’t see anything but the one true hope of Jesus.

Why do I go on mission?

Because Jesus is my only hope, too…

Light of the Village Alabama Update

Hey everyone I’m in Alabama with the students from STF! Here are some photos from the past few days.


“Can anything good come from Nazareth?…”  Can anything good come from Kimbo?  Today, a very, very good thing comes out of Kimbo!  Water is life.  Pure, clean fresh water comes out of Kimbo, beginning this very day!”

The words of celebration spilled out of dignitary after dignitary’s mouth as they came and recognized this incredible change for the impoverished people of Section 4 in Nairobi, Kenya.  The parliamentary member (aka “the lady in yellow”), danced with joy with a group of singing women.  The Lady in Yellow said she had few words to say.  Then the TV microphone came out and, well, she had a LOT to say, it turns out!  Kelly Green in his remarks said that he didn’t know what her words meant (speaking rapidly and forcefully in Swahili), but that she sure had HIS vote.  The crowd roared on this joyous day, as 3 locations of fresh water, all gravity fed from one water tank on the church grounds were dedicated.  The one furthest distant is one mile away!

All this was the result of 2 years of effort in a partnership only God in his unsearchable ways could bring together.  South Tampa Fellowship church through Kelly Green Global ministries, David Bishop of Bell Shoals Baptist in Brandon, FL and Pastor Brian Goodman and his Foothills Baptist Church in Phoenix linked with a true leader in Nairobi, Pastor James Wesonga of All Nations Gospel Kimbo (PEFA) church to provide this beautiful water from a river David’s team found 60 meters below the church property (yes, one of the devices they successfully use is still the men with the forked sticks walking the earth!).  Uniformed men who were tribal chief assistants came to the dedication, as did seemingly every other conceivable level of government.  This was a BIG DEAL.

The final water source is positioned next to a school.  Children dressed in their bright red participated in the ceremony, first with a dignified, formal speech by a 9 year-old, followed by a long, humorous poem written about the many benefits of water, recited by an entire group from the school.   It was a celebratory, epic poem, a work of art in the best sense!  At some point, an older, gray-haired man grabbed my arm, looked into my eyes and said, “Please understand.  To an African, just the SIGHT of clean water is a cause for celebration.”


In the distant areas where there are other water kiosks, too far away to carry unless you are desperate, there is a charge for each time it is tapped that must be paid on the spot.  These truly impoverished people must somehow scrape together shillings each time they need to drink, or cook, or wash themselves.  So how much is Pastor James charging?  What is the price for this life-giving necessity, which he could just keep on his own property for his own people, but does not?  It is absolutely free.  Above each tap at each of the three tank sources is written in large letters, “JESUS LOVES YOU.”  The Living Water will flow along with these taps.  Come and see.  Watch and pray for this man and his church.  Pastor James, by the way, has no car to drive.  He walks two miles to reach his church each day.  He is not paid by the church, which is thriving.  He hosted a pastor’s conference this week, too, to which over one hundred came to learn more from this man of God.  Come Lord Jesus, and let your Living Water flow, so that the people who do not yet know you will thirst no more!