Today I saw a face I will never forget.  I met woman infected with HIV.  Her name was Scovia and she had been abandoned by her family, her kids taken from her, alone and left for dead.  As she was lost and alone God called her to make her way to the local church.  She was so sick and frail that it took her 8 hours to laboriously walk the half mile to church…but she made it.  And she heard the good news of the gospel!

Fast forward to 2 years later…as I sat on the floor of Scovia’s mud hut with her, along with Pastor Kelly and a translator in a village unlike anything I have even seen, she shared her impactful story. Pastor Kelly asked her this question, “How have you overcome, what has set you free?”  She responded in a sweet, small voice in her native tongue, “My personal relationship with Jesus.”  So simple, so authentic.  Then she did something I have never seen: she eagerly broke into song to express her heart in the purest way she knew how.  Fighting back tears, she sang in a language even the translator did not know, so we just sat there listening, watching and understanding not the words she was saying, but the message she was conveying. We knew that Jesus had changed her heart.  She didn’t have to say it, she didn’t even have to sing it; we saw it in her in face.  A face that was worn but free. Heavy but without burden.  A face that should have seen the same hut I saw and felt hopeless, but a face that couldn’t see anything but the one true hope of Jesus.

Why do I go on mission?

Because Jesus is my only hope, too…