Cambodia Mission Team: Extracting and Repairing the Decay

Sunday, September 6, 2015 South Tampa Fellowship missions and Kelly Green Global ministries partner with Mission Smiles, International (MSI) and it’s such a privilege to do our first international mission partnership with dental missions in Phnom Penh together.

With the third clinic behind us we look at all God has put before us…and stand in awe of what He has chosen to do, with and through, simple, Americans who happen to work in the dental profession. Mission Smiles International was eager to bring dental skills that could be a gift to the health and well being of people in Phnom Penh.


Teeth, universally serve the same function, no matter what part of the world you live in. We look in mouths and see teeth that are worn, decayed, out of place and infected. We see other mouths with teeth that are well cared for, clean, beautifully positioned-serving their purpose, and creating pleasant expressions through smiles. The spiritual analogy is obvious – Sin is universally the same. It creates decay, infection, malfunction. The redemption of Christ is universally offered to clean out, restore and provide freedom from the infection of sin.

SI extracts a tooth, Jesus extracts our guilt. MSI stitches gaping holes where extractions have taken place to protect and assist the healing process. Jesus stitches our gaping holes (sin, dispart, loss) with grace and mercy as we submit to His healing process. We praise God for the opportunity to serve Him and bless the people in this part of Cambodia with dental care and the message of Christ. Jesus is the only one who can extract our sins and restore our spirits eternally.